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A restart

I finally made to start a book, finish it and right away start another one. Overcome this obstacle helped me to feel more confident while studying. I stopped blaming myself and my language skills whatever I had difficulties.

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Kolkata, almost Bangladesh

Kolkata was the first city I have been in India. Wow, the first half an hour in India. I was so nervous. I had no idea what to expect but I knew taxis are not to trust anywhere. Suddenly I thought: I have no phone, don’t know the language, this taxi has no seat belt and I am carrying some money with me :O

in english Portugal

Vai ser fixe! (It will be cool!)

Heading to Portugal, first long trip for a year. I will be 15 days in this amazing country to attend WebSummit in Lisbon for the second time, relax and also feel a little bit home since I wasn’t in Brazil, my home country, for almost 2 years. In Portugal is kind of the same language …