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With a degree in Journalism and PR, this Brazilian is passionate about German culture. Study Computer Science seems to be perfect for the new challenges that communication area has to face: content and technology.

Cooking something new, eat in a good restaurant and travel are for me the best things to relax.



Portuguese Edition: Written on 23 September 2012

Many friends  already asked me and others keep asking: But why Germany? A country well-known for the cold people and a way of being that goes in the opposite direction to what we Brazilians are used to living. At beginning there are many points that seem negative in German culture, but if you can open your mind you will start to listen and understand why they act like that. Them, you will realize how rich is the culture of this country and will be able to learn a lot. The values ​​in Germany are different. Respect for the other is something high and special, I can’t describe. After living there and learning the language, I could understand the way of thinking. Every day I got more impressed!

There are small details that make daily life a little more pleasant in Germany and not cold people as the common sense says.

  • Deal is deal! We Brazilians are used to always insist about what we want and always try to convince others that we are right. Here things work a little differently, no means no and yes means yes. Once the person said no, they will hardly change idea. If you said you will do something, they will expect that you really do and not that need to confirm or remind you one day before. As my mother used to say,deal is deal and there is no discussion! It may seem that they are inflexible, but this way of looking at life and commitments makes things really happen.
  • The clothes do not define you! (At least not like in Brazil) One of the things that makes me feel good is: there is no judge about the clothes you are wearing, its style, brand and how many times have you went with that model. (Even if there were 2 days in a row, hahahah, topic for another day.) What matters here is that you have managed to buy clothes for a good price and it may be worm enough, the style comes later.
  • Please and thank you! Do you remember what you were taught as a child?  Always ask permission and say thank you? Well, the minimum we can do. Buut in Germany the words Danke and Bitte are more than essential. Don’t say a thanks is considered tremendous lack of respect. Please here has several meanings and words, for example when someone offers or delivery you something, they always say Bitte.  I really love going to the stores and hear people saying Bitte? Ok, I’m kind of suspicious, I love listening to German, I even made a list of words that has a nice sound 🙂 Also, german people are always polite and not rude 😛
  • Too much sincerity! The Germans sometimes don’t care about words, they can be extremely honest and sometimes really hurt. If you claim about that they will say we are very sensitive. ( I already heard that) If you want to ask their opinion about something be careful, they say 100% what they think. For them it is normal, so when they hear a truth, they do not get bored as we understand. They know how feedback helps to improve. Sincerity may hurt, but at least we always know who trust and who is a friend indeed. If someone does not like you, we will know.
  • My space and your space! The most noticeable difference is the distance between people, at first. Starting the way to introduce a stranger: holding hands. Between friends is common to have a small hut, but nothing special. What I noticed is that few people have a nickname because this is not so common, you need to be a little more close to be able to do that. Reason? Respect of course.

I finish my post with a picture of me smiling, always happy to be making my dream of learning German language and daily trying to understand the culture. At this picture I’m in one of my favorite cities in Germany, Dresden … in a place called Grosser Garten, full of trees, beautiful flowers and a small German castle.

I can say for sure: Germany is not what everyone thinks it, it is MUCH BETTER!! I am learning and growing so much every day 🙂 Kisses

Portuguese Edition: Written on 23 September 2012

Natasha is since 2012 learning and trying to understand this crazy German culture. My challenge? Learn the language and get at least close to being organized and planned how they are, and of course, bring the warmth of Brazil and smiling. Let’s see always the good part in everything = D

On February 15 arrived in Jena, Germany to do an exchange with a student organization called AIESEC. The first challenge? Working with Germans and understand their way of thinking and working. In three months I will learned a lot.

Posted on: February 19, 2012

In June I started attending daily classes in German, the language I started learning here. Now, I’m trying to have B2 🙂

Posted on: September 23, 2012

Now I’m back to Brazil and looking for a C1 certificate inGerman: D I learned a lot of the language, now I can read, watch documentaries, talk and even write!! Challenge for 2013? Have C1 German, Write Toefl test inEnglish and graduate in Journalism.

Let’s roooock!!

Posted on: March 29, 2013

Finally a Journalist! 2013 was just crazy between University, Internship and back from Germany.

Now, I am back in Germany I will finally write the German C1 Test in April and after the English. I hope I will get a Master from October to improve my German skills.

Posted on: March 16, 2014