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Germany, still adapting…

In Portuguese

Studying in Germany has been the most lonely experience in my life so far. For those who know me well, can not understand it so much, since I had never had problems with communication, to argue or even to impose, hehehe. Being here transformed me into a shy and very insecure person. It made me doubt my capacities, to think thousand times before doing something, and many times I could not even try.

Luckily this phase of insecurity lasted about 2 years. Afterward, I came back to my smiley and confident way, even with all obstacles. So it has been during the last 3 years 🙂

About the loneliness I mentioned before, it only exists in the academic environment. Outside the lecture I won sincerely and very important friendship. My friends who also study or studied, showed me, I am not the only one with this feeling 🙂

Probably one day I will share with you how amazing is to be an student in Brazil, my homeland <3

Meanwhile, I just wanna pass by to leave my smile on your screen, to say thanks for being with me, and tell that I am looking forward to keeping sharing adventures, anguish and my discoveries with you.



If you wanna know something about Germany and how to adapt, let me know 🙂