A restart

I finally made to start a book, finish it and right away start another one. Overcome this obstacle helped me to feel more confident while studying. I stopped blaming myself and my language skills whatever I had difficulties.

At the beginning of 2018 I renewed my passion for reading. I finally made to start a book, finish it, and right away start another one. I can not tell exactly whether this motivation was related to the language I was reading or the content of the book. Probably it was all together. But the real outcome was, like so many things in life, reading a book for me only succeeds when I’m satisfied with myself regarding my obligations.

When I watch a movie or something on TV, I get the feeling of not being productive, which it’s really bad. Actually, relaxing should be actually part of our daily experiences. Normally I try to cook or organize while I watch something. Crazy right? But luckily, finally, after a long time, I was able to sit down and give myself the pleasure of reading a book for hours, I allowed myself some rest. That feeling of doing my best and giving me the well-deserved pause after a long exhausting productive day: D did feel very well.

Reading a book is one of the few things you can not do in combination with others. Depending on where the story takes you, music in the background could mess up the whole experience and flair. I guarantee that even the lighting and/or the sit/lying position may affect the perception of the content. Sometimes even a sip of tea or coffee, can take away the concentration.

I am grateful for experiencing that desire of whiling to know what will happen next. In fact, the book that was preventing me from sleep and giving me the energy to everyday life was from Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It was the series about strange things that happen around the graveyard of forgotten books. This Spanish writer, even though famous, was not discovered by me until then.

The first book of this series I read was in Portuguese since I purchased while in Brazil: “A Sombra do Vento“. It was so easy to read something in my mother tongue. Years ago I gave up reading in my mother language, in order to concentrate on German/English and now I decided to stop with this.

The second book of the series I tried to read in Spanish “El Juego del ángel“. I grew up hearing and speaking the language but at the moment I do not have the opportunity to practice it. Because of it, I found it would be nice to read the book in the original language. Unfortunately, it was not as smooth as I was hoping. IT WAS A SURPRISE. The book was not easy at all to understand. In the end I had a hard time reading it.

The third book of the series “Der Gefangene des Himmels” I decide to read in German and it was not better. I thought because I write, read, speak as hear the language every day, things would go smoother.  In the beginning, I could not manage to understand even the first page because of many unknown words and expressions. Fortunately, I found the speaking book online. As I understand German hearing better than reading, I kept hearing and reading the book at the same time. In the end, I realized how my capacity for comprehension had exponentially increased. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The fourth book of the series “Das Labyrinth der Lichter” I was actually planning to read in English, but because this is the language I struggle the most in text comprehension, I decided to keep reading in German. This time I intercalate the chapter by reading and hearing. It was a great improvement 😀 and also extremely rewarding to realize how much I improved my skills with the german language.

Overcome this obstacle helped me to feel more confident while studying. I stopped blaming myself and my language skills whatever I had difficulties. Since them, I change my attitude towards my frustration. To read a book again remember me that even when we do something joyful, there are moments with obstacles and there is nothing more pleasant than getting through it and master it.

YAY, I was reading again and reaching a new level of complexity when reading in German. By the way, I even read 3 books from a Swiss author called Martin Suter. What is actually harder than reading in standard German. Here you can read about him and my topo5/7 books.

I could list a number of books that influenced my life and way of being, but I’ll leave it to the next post. Just my favorite book I’ll put here as a recommendation:

Elmer, The Elephant from the English author David McKee: Even if it was written for children, I believe it brings a vision about our society that we all should daily reflect about.

And here I open up the menu Books, where I am going to share about my readings.

Talking about self-knowledge, have you read my text about How important is to take some time for yourself? By now you can only choose between german “Wie wichtig es ist, Zeit für sich selbst zu nehmen, um sich besser kennenzulernen” and portuguese: “Como é importante tirar um tempo para conhecer-se melhor”.

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