I am back from India for almost two months now, but I still had no time to keep reflecting on it or even missing it. Today I found some time to remember a bit about the trip and write down some thoughts. Since I arrived I had to work and study a lot to catch up the time I was in India.

Some weeks ago I decided to eat some Indian food in my favorite place in Dresden and it was not so tasty anymore 🙁 Next time I have to tell the cook that I have been in India, so he can sell me the non-European version 😛 Yeah, a lot of blah blah but people are asking about my experience.

Well, one of the highlights of the trip for me was that none of us had stomach issues, is that not amazing? I mean, everybody hears and knows that going to a different country can cause some intestine issues especially in India. Luckily, my crew and I manage to keep healthy all the time. We just use the same method we are used to in Germany and Brazil: go to places where many people go. Definitely try local food ( I mean places where the local goes, non-touristic) but only if someone indicates you, have a good review or it’s crowded ( means fresh food all the time.)

Anyhow let’s start with you are interest: my trip.

Two weeks in India allowed me to know briefly Kolkata, Delhi, Rishikesh, Agra, and Jaipur. Arrived on 23 November (yes at 4:45 a.m.) and left on 7 December ( at 2 a.m ). It was short and busy but it was the time I had.

In the picture you see me walking around Howrah. Yes, I look pretty tired but also happy after the wedding weekend and still some jet lag.

Kolkatta was where I spent most of the days since the first reason to go to India was a wedding of my Indian friend with a German. I always wanted to be invited to an Indian wedding and when it happened I decided to go, even though it was middle in university semester 😀
There is that common say: Either you have the time or the money. Well I had actually none of both but I made it somehow anyway 😛 It was definitely worth it.

Read about my first day in India and Kolkata on 23.11.2018: Kolkata, almost Bangladesh

About Delhi, I heard a lot negative and a little bit of positive impression. It was difficult to decide If I would take it away from the round trip or not, but since it’s was the place I landed, I decided to explore this place and do not regret. Actually, it was one of the few cities I manage to walk alone in the evening in a less crowded place and also, where I got the best culinarians experiences. Ohh no, actually everywhere the food was delightful.

Rishikesh I landed after some friends who have been to India indicated me as its favorite city. It sounds also pretty interesting to go to a calm place during the trip with a great view of a clean Ganga river. City of yoga, ashrams, and faith. It was the city I saw more tourists.

Agra, of course, was the reason I choose to travel in this area. For me getting to know the Taj Mahal was always in my list. And no, there was no smog that damage the view and yes, there were a lot of Indias visiting the monument, but not as crowded as I taught.

Jaipur, the Pink City is well known as shopping city and also because of some movies. This place turns out to be the most chaotic city I have been in India, or it was because was our last stop and we all got tired?

Summarized I can say 5 cities in 2 weeks are a lot but not too much. I manage the balance between getting to know all I want and relaxing. For sure sometimes we pay more as needed but I don’t believe it was so bad.

The places are crowded but for someone who was often in São Paulo (Brazil) and walks Saturdays around Dresden, especially during Christmas time ( Germany), it was not a big difference between them.

I saw that some areas in India are less developed but not as bad I was reading in German. Yes, if you travel to India and read in Portuguese is another world if you read about in German. So just follow my trick/advice and read in as many languages you can before going on a trip. Every folk has different points of view, priorities, background experiences or difficulties during trips.

And even if people write a lot about India safeness, I felt that in some points the country is safer than in Brazil. Of course, things happen everywhere in the world. But in India, my feeling was less robbery or afraidness of being robbing and more afraid of scams. I would rather walk alone in India at night as in Brazil. Well, of course, you should always check where, when and with whom. But after reading so much senseless I felt pretty safe there. ! ! ! The fact I was raised in Brazil also makes some difference.

If you are or have ever been in Brazil, or better say São Paulo, I would define India as a big “25 de março” ( street shopping area in São Paulo) or better saying, a huge camelô (that is the word in Brazilian Portuguese and the internet said the word in English is hawker) area, where you find a mix of great and bad quality products. Where people follow you offering the best prices and where all financial classes go to try to find the best deal and products.

!!! What helped me to have a great experience was defitely the connection. I mean, a SIM card with 3G. It’s actually not so trivial to get it but I will write later about it. !!!

Hopefully, this fast and short warm-up of my trip and impressions satisfy my readers by now and also made some of you curious, so soon I will post more about each place.

I am glad to say I had the opportunity to experience a lot of tasty and local food. And without knowing, I ate about 10 days only Indian vegetarian food and got no extra kilos. Wow, how? I was almost not eating carbs, milk or cheese for the past 8 months ( that’s how I a´managed to lose 10 kilos huhuh, but that is another history) and Indian I basically ate only milk, cheese, and bread .. yummy 😛

Please let me know what are you interested in knowing, help me to improve my language skills and never feel offended by my words 😀 I write my impressions and of course they can be wrong ( I was only 2 weeks there).

Here the impressions when I was about to fly to India: Heading to India and here the following post about Kolkata: Kolkata, almost Bangladesh

Always feel free to feedback me 😀 here

Enjoy 😉

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