Life in Europe is not a fairy tale

So please next time someone ask me how to be where am I, I will say: detach, plan, read my post heheh 😛 And actually I still have a long way to go.

based on superficial questions made in person or in social media, many people believe that is pretty easy to live in Europe. I have to tell some to you the truth: it is NOT and it will never be. Everything, really everything I got was with a LOT of effort, crying, headache, waste of money, exhausting work and uncountable deception. Nothing, absolutely nothing is easy to acquire. To come here/change country is not how people believe “ Ohh.. life in my home country is not so great, I should go to Europe to try something”. People, in a foreign country you have no support. The family is km apart, the way of dealing with things and procedure are incredibly different, a bunch of people are trying the same and are much better/privilege/lucky/rich/talent than you.

So please next time someone asks me how to be where am I, I will say: detach, plan, read my post heheh 😛 And actually I still have a long way to go. And then it would add: My life began to stabilize after 3 years living here.

Yes, some of us need more and others need less time, but no one lives a fairy tale. Life is life all over the world. Each country has its pros and cons, and each person has to figure out what suits their lifestyle and ability most. (lifestyle in the sense of being away from the family, pressure, stress, climatic temperature, types of food, etc …).

Whether in your home country or on the other side of the world, the journey is long and tiring. Any choice will bring many challenges and disappointments. Each has facility for one or another for path. The important thing is to respect our own limits and keep moving on.

And if you see me “traveling too much,” it is because I have saved a lot in other areas, the distances here are smaller (Brazil is bigger than Europe) and living here, you kind of learn how to find offers. Besides that, I have sometimes friends to host me. (also my beloved AIESEC <3 crew).

Read: Tipps: How to not get in trouble in Germany or lose money, to have An idea just what I already experienced. OK in every country it can happen, but somebody will be able to assist you. Here I am always the exception because I am foreign.

To know about other difficulties I experienced: Why Germany sometimes makes me crazy and Vida no exterior: adaptacao diária aos costumes e a vida longe de „casa“

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