Heading to India

Heading to India

I am heading to India now and there is no word to describe this feeling. I am so glad for being able to take this trip and opportunity in my life.

I always new/wish I would go someday to India but could never imagine it would happen so soon. Fortunately, I got an invitation to a wedding and it couldn’t be a better reason to do it now.

Momentarily I feel so special for having this opportunity to attend an Indian wedding and also to travel around.

Thank you all those who answer all my questions about places to go, transportation, security, what to wear and so on. It was not easy to prepare it all, but with a little help here and there I manage it 😀

First time I will entry a country with an e-visa
When I moved to Germany almost 4 years ago I could never imagine many things wouldn’t turn in the way I did not plan.
And even though sometimes I stop to think about my mistakes I am also glad the way come out.

Life introduces me amazing people and experiences like the ones who helped me with the trip preparation and of course, the great friend getting married. <3
From all I heard, read and know about friends is that India experience changes your life and way of viewing the world. I may not be there yet, but can already fill it, just from the reading and talks during preparation.

Even though things are not always going as well as we wish and plan, after reading so much about this country I cannot complain about how things are going. I have been reflecting again about friendship, culture, religion, social gap, expression but also yoga and meditation.

Well, like I said it’s hard to explain in words all the feelings and reflections going on on my mind now. The process of organizing all the trip was not easy in many aspects but I feel that now finally the trip can begin.

Hope to find time to write about my experiences to you. If any of my friends are there at the same time just write me. Also for advice what to visit and so are always welcome.
As always please feel free to help me improve my English skills. Have a nice Weekend.
Nati from freezing Germany on the way to India (around 30 degrees).

Here you can find the following posts about the trip: : 2 weeks of India, months of preparation, lifetime experience. and the following post about Kolkata: Kolkata, almost Bangladesh

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