Heading to Portugal, first long trip for a year. I will be 15 days in this amazing country to attend WebSummit in Lisbon for the second time, relax and also feel a little bit home since I wasn’t in Brazil, my home country, for almost 2 years. In Portugal is kind of the same language and similar food to Brazil, but also much warmer than in Germany. I am really looking forward to be there again where people have similar preferences in food, so I can snack salty delicious and find a lot of affordable Brazilian sweets, Restaurants, and drinks.

Leia em português

Auf Deutsch

Let´s the adventure begin. I will visit in the first week the only Portuguese National Park: Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês. Although I already have plans I am open for advice. Feel free to also send me some insights about Porto, Lisbon and small stops between them.

And as I promise to keep feeding my page regularly, I decide and found time to finally do! I have lots of content but did not post yet. Since Portugal last year was kind of a new beginning for me, I think this moment would be the perfect opportunity to start with my page again.

As always feel free to help me with my language skills and also keep asking me to write about specific subjects.

Have a nice weekend :*


Fun fact

In Portugal the slang “fixe” means cool. Us, Brazilians, use the word “legal” since we don’t have “fixe” in our vocabulary. So almost No Brazilian would get this sentence without an explanation.

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