Every time I leave Germany to visit Brazil or another country I can just think about how much I love to live there. Nevertheless, arriving in Portugal was so magic and brought an unexpected feeling. As always I left Germany thinking about how much I love everything there, the language ( yes, I really like it), the people ( hahaha seriously), the rights, the minimum wage <3

Leia em Português

But when I arrived in Portugal, hear the Portuguese language, that is almost like Brazilian Portuguese, my mother tongue, the people so relaxed ( without a stressed face), the bad jokes and small talks already dominated me. I got kind of nostalgic and reflective. ( all right, my German side like to analyze the situations)

In the metro station, I found Guaraná from Brazil :D a typical drink from my homecountry
In the metro station, I found Guaraná from Brazil 😀 a typical drink from my home country

Since the moment I arrive in Lisbon, precisely inside the bus transfer airplane-airport, I realize that loud noise because of a great number of people where talking. Even with more than 24 hours with no sleep, I could just enjoy those people interacting with each other. Everywhere I saw people asking around, chatting. The volume and the interaction between are just completely different from I am used to in Germany.

Ok, I would say I did not like that the underground is mega, ultra, incredible, terribly loud :/ but I just forgot that when I arrive in the station very hungry and found SALTY snacks 😀 yes, SALTY snacks like in Brazil and for less than 2 Euros <3 <3  just the way I looked at it made me gain 9438538543 kilos. Really, that is one of the things I miss the most in Germany. Is that moment I am very hungry and need something salty to eat.  Seriously, that is one of the things I miss the most in Germany when I am feeling so hungry and need to eat something salty with FILLING.

It seems that in Portugal you can also find snacks like in Brazil ❤ something I miss in a lot. I found the price also very good.

Walking around the street I found this advertisement for breakfast: In Portugal calls small lunch and in Brazilian Portuguese morning coffee 😀 something that made me feel so gut and it is so simple. Coffee, juice and salty breakfast <3 

Pequeno almoco

The sidewalk in Portugal has this pattern with stones like in Brazil. Kind of hard to walk through, if using high heels, but it is like being in Brazil.

Those sidewalks <3

The constructions remember me btw a lot Brazil, with some kludge around ( kludge  is a new word for me, did I use it correctly?)

Portugal or Brazil? Definitely not Germany because it is kind of colourfull

And even I was very tired I could just think of how I love my life. I live in Germany but I kind of travel to every place I wish. I have been working hard to arrive in a stable point of my life ( btw I still have to write about it, since many of you ask), but every exam I did not pass, kind of worth it. I am much stronger.

I am enjoying a lot my first trip 100% alone… ok almost, since I already discover some people I know that are in town as well.

a face of someone who has not slept more than 5 hours a day for 2 weeks

The sun did not please me with his appearance yesterday ;( (it was a really german statement wasn’t it? it was everything great  BUUUUUT there was no sun HAHAHAH.) So like a good German I got good mood when I saw the sun and my Brazilian side decided to take a selfie 😀 Now I am officially cheese and/or Brazilian… selfieeeeeeeeeee

Cultural differences: Germans are really punctual and that is one of the points I love the most there, for real. Yesterday, unfortunately, I arrived 45 minutes later to meet the mother from a  friend of mine :O I felt really bad because of that.

Do you know what happened when I got there? She received me with a smile from ear to ear, a tight hug ( at least in Portuguese we said like that, maybe just a big hug in English) and a gift <3 it was so magical, no kidding. I love Germany but a bit of Brazilian way feels so great. Everything so smooth,  no complaints during the whole evening. Brazil is like that, just enjoy and relax. I believe I haven’t laughed that much for such a long time just because of some stupid stuff.

napkins on table <3 I missed that

ps: one more point that shows me I am not in Germany: naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapkin on table <3 and salty food on breakfast 😀 Yes, I care about some details and food

ps2: I already wrote about how to get friendship with Germans, soon I will post often. I promise, that time 😀 is going to happen

Feel free to keep reading and asking about life here, how to survive in this straight and cold country named Germany. I believe I had never written a post so fast and directly published it…. wow this country really gave me back a little of my spontaneity 😀

Found a mistake? Just let me know, please. I am still improving my writing skills in all languages.

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