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Tipps: How to not get in trouble in Germany or lose money

Guys, I have been through many bad experiences here and I want to share with you some things I discovered living in Germany

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1-) inform yourself about Haftpflichtversicherung and make one. If anything like this happens: hitting someone’s bike, dropping someone’s camera or accidentally bumping into and hurting an older person, you can have some rights guaranteed and you are not going to lose money. In my country, we can only have it for cars but, here, you can have it for everything.

2-) never simply accept if someone says that you are guilty of something. Remember you are a foreigner and should not be intimidated. Always ask for help, even if this country wants us to be 900% independent 😛

“In Deutschland darf man keine Schuld anerkennen”

3-) Students can ask for the help of lawyers at the University for FREE. Here in Dresden, this is possible at Stura and Studentenwerk.

4-) If you have a huge problem, just go to the Amtsgericht with some documents and get a paper that allows you to go to a lawyer without paying (Rechtsantragstelle). Well, only if you cannot afford it, they will ask for your account status.

5- ) Always send a letter requiring a signature: Einschreiben Rückschein


I got tips on how to get my deposit back from my old landlord.

I also learned how to call the police once an employer did not pay me.

and last but not least: Do not forget the German philosophy, always look for information before you risk giving money away or saying something that can be wrong.

I hope these tips help you and that your stay is going to be easier and cheaper ;P

Afterward, if you want I call to share how I avoid paying 150 Euros for a bike repair, received my 110 Euros from a  Job and got my 200 euros deposit back. Yey, nobody is going to mess around just because I am not German.

* I am not an English Native speaker, so please let me know if you find some mistakes in order to improve my English. With love, Natasha 😀

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