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Who believes always achieve

Live, study and work in Germany. I feel that every day I spend three times more energy them a normal person. I learn about the culture of Germany and also from mine because I miss it (such as how to cook things that here I cannot buy). I learn new words, concepts in German and try to be able to discuss them. These thousands of relationships that my brain does every day, makes me very tired. Sleep 8 hours a day is not enough, I need at least 9 so that the next is also productive: P

Leia em Português

Unfortunately, not everyone understands it, after all, I should already be familiarized with daily life here. In fact, if even during my college in Brazil, with over 18 years living there and fluency in Portuguese, I was learning a lot every day; imagine here, were not only the content, as the language, consuetude, and culture are different.

(I learned today the word consuetude and it is just awesome 😀 ) 

I seek also to always understand why certain attitudes are taken and some of them I describe here. I often reflect on me and my career, more than in Brazil, and I compare myself with German society. Because German is not my mother tongue, I always look for other ways to highlight, distinguish myself / or reach the level of the Germans. Every day I get surprised about good and also bad things.

In the past 20 months that I’m living here, I realized that the hardest part is to respect the culture, it is to treat student colleagues, work colleagues and friends how they are used; with the consuetude and parameters that they have grown. I give my best to integrate myself, understand and show my respect. If in Brazil is said: it is necessary to kill a lion a day, here, I have to kill one an hour.

At the moment it seems to be very hard: study, work, live alone, learning new languages and even set aside some personal quirks to win the Germans trust.

Important tips: be on time, if you invite someone to an event/party just tell soon time and place, they do not like if you change the plans all the time or say: “yeah someday”. Also, do not cancel an invitation, you will lose your credibility.

Another thing: do not invite 943758437543 people that they do not know about an event, it is uncomfortable for them.

Above all: respect their way, do not call them boring and try to understand their point. If you can, explain your culture and it might be able to cancel an invitation, arrive 10 minutes late and/or call the crowd to go out with them.

Remember: with respect can win EVERYTHING.

I believe that all this effort to integrate myself will be worth it. Meanwhile: hard work, hours in the library, invest in networking, read a lot, be patient with them and they with me: P

I hope you enjoy reading my discovers and brief reflections. Feel free to send questions 🙂

* If I wrote something funny/wrong in Portuguese or English, please let me know. I am mixing all languages and know this is normal. : D

*I write about some cliché that is true. Of course, not ALL of them are like this. I, more them everybody respect their way <3

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  1. Andreas says:

    “Who believed always reaches” was translated word by word, a more appropriate word would be “achieve” instead os reach. And “I spend tree times”, is three not tree.

    1. thanks <3

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