Germany makes me crazy because everything here always works and people have VERY high expectations. Germany irritates me because the weather sucks and I’ve always had perfect skin, now have several pimples. Germany irritates me because everything has potatoes and its process, it is always time to drink beer and I’m getting FAAAAT, and got a nice (maybe sexy?) belly: D

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Eventought I can speak German well, I still can not express myself 100%. All right, I started just three years ago to learn it, and in the year I was in Brazil (2013) I hardly spoke. Still, it’s very difficult to understand everything that happens, especially the jokes, which makes the day easily. When I’m sad, it’s also hard to say everything I feel because I can not find words or what I feel, is silly here. In Germany, everything is very correct, planned and I still have a hard time getting along with it. But I confess that without planning, I could not live <3

In Brazil, all the things that make me, in my view, special are not enough here. For Brazilian standards, I am a very practical person, direct and independent. Here, be practical is a requisite, be independent is the minimum, being directly effective. That is their way. (And despite complaining, I love it)

My mood also changes a lot here. I remember that last time was also difficult, as an exchange, but change the mood that often is not very healthy.

Telephone calls are too bureaucratic, open a bank account, to clarify the visa. Sometimes I think I will not manage it, but afterwards, I become stronger. 😀

All I want to do takes so long: to buy something, write a text in German, know what to wear in this weather (cold or mega hot), understanding how something works.

Buy food is sometimes difficult because I do not know all the words and have to search for the names and prices since what it is cheap here is expensive in Brazil and the other way around.

Living away from home always requires hard work and can be very exhausting. Everyone, every day I learn something new: from a word until how to wash the dishes in the German way. 


Thinking all the time about my behavior irritates me. It is really important to be yourself but you must always take care to not be misinterpreted and/or not disrespect the culture. I tell my friends I feel like a child with 3 years and that is way 9 hours of sleep are necessary 😛 I am learning the language, how to dress, how to behave and even how to cook (here we cannot eat barbecue every day;( )

Despite all the disappointments I regret NOTHING. I love living here. To people who always write to me saying that want to come to Germany, I say it worth it, but you must be strong to not end up being as some foreigners and staying only people from your country. To have some Latinos friends is great but I just feel at home because I created a strong friendship with German and other foreigners that also see Germany as their home. ( at least by now 😛 )

5 thoughts on “Why Germany sometimes makes me crazy

  1. Loved it! Miss u like F#@! Just let me know whenever u need anything, I’ll always try to help you! Love yah
    Paula B.

  2. Keep going Natasha, your articles are nice to read!
    I like the “10 steps to clean up dishes” 😀
    Greetz Eric ;D

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