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I was invited by my friend Marilia from Papel com Clips to write an informal post.

  • List 11 facts about me
  • Answer 11 questions

11 facts about me:

1. I seem aggressive, but I’m actually really direct ( my German side)

2. I feel less smart in English and German for not being able to express 100% my feelings

3. I like to cook, but that does not mean that the food taste good

4. I have no family either in Oceania or Africa (yet: P)

5. I am very creative and when change subjects during a conversation, no one understands why I’m talking about that

  1. Sometimes I’m extremely shy and sometimes want to appear

  2. Since I arrived in Germany I cry almost every day because I am disappointed with me. It is very difficult because sometimes I can not built a sentence and I didn´t pass the German Exam 🙁

8. I do not like teddy bears

  1. I do not use pink

  2. My smile is unusual because a muscle on my lips does not work

  3. Normally I get everything I want and the fact that I has not yet passed the German test, frustrates me a lot.

Questions by Marília

1 What is your next travel destination? Czech Republic

2 What is your favorite cartoon? I watched Sakura, but I saw last week and I found it not that nice hahaha

3 What is your favorite musical instrument? guitar: D cello also

4 I think she forgot: P Okay, I am also like this

5 What are the reasons that led you to choose your career? Kind of a cliche, but wanted to have the power to influence people, to inform them without being a teacher.

6 Why did you decided to create ablog? To tell and share with the world what I discover about this crazy German way of life

7 Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn? …

8-What is ‘beautiful’ to you? Small daily actions

9-What is your favorite painter? Salvador Dalí

10-Which museum do you want to visit? When I bekame a Student in Dresden, I am going to buy the annual pass and visit all of them hier 😀

11-Who is your idol? My parents and my grandparents