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In Germany, many homes have dishwashers, including some student houses. The first I lived had also one 🙂 And I found it very practical because students are usually too. The problem is that wood, some knives and pots need to be washed by hand … hehehe

Since not all homes have a dish machine, they developed a technique hehe :O

I decided to list this peculiar way to clean the utensils. Due to the importance of saving water, this method is admired: D


Ten steps to wash the dishes in a German, economic and … (Hygienic?) way.

1 – Remove all food scraps from dishes and etc. ..

2 – Clean the sink

3 – Fill the sink with hot water and a little bit of detergent

4 – Wash first the cups and fat-free dishes

5 – Dip a dishwasher at time

6 – Scrub with brush or loofah

7 – Rinse in soapy water

8 – Sometimes there is a second sink with water, but it is not very common

9 – Let it dry

10 – Dry with kitchen towel: D

When you feel, change the water. Bizarre or not? This method is also an excuse to leave a lot of dishes in the sink together, to wash it all at once.

How about you? Have you ever seen something like that? Do you believe that another nation does that as well?

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