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I am back, back, baaaaaaaack :)

[An informal post]

After a few months without writing, I decided to express myself again and get back: D

So before keep sharing about this crazy German culture, I decided to update my situation here.

To summarize: in April I wrote the German TestDaF and did not reach what I needed. I was missing one point to be accepted at the university. As the note was less than 3 points below the required level, I received an invitation to the DSH (another German Test); which will be in 2 weeks. Since I recieve the DaF note in June, I was like depressed: I am afraid of not passing again. The DSH is a very difficult exam, and focuses primarily on grammar. : P The German grammar :O

Guess what? I never understood grammar in German because I jumped the basic level. Another reason is that the language is well complicated, but I decided to talk wrong anyway, I needed to communicate. A few weeks ago I was kind of desperate, I was studying alone but was not getting a good progress. Finally, I surrendered to capitalist principles and I am having some private lessons.

NatashaI do not want to do this again 🙁 I am tired hehe

WOOOOOW, it’s all so clear in my mind 🙂 First because I do not believe anymore that grammar is impossible and secondly because my teacher teaches with passion and clarity. Passion for teaching and motivation of the student are already 50% of learning.

Now, if you can: cross your fingers, pray, request to a star, etc … wish me luck!

About the blog? I’ve written several posts and next week I intend to post.

Question or suggestion? I will be happy to receive a message.


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  1. Natasha we believe in you. It will all work out as it is intended to be. All the best.

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