I do not remember how this conversation started, but really, it was the information about Germans that shocked me the most.

What I am sure about it, it is that we were drinking at a bar a week before I had to return to Brazil (Feb 2013). I want to make a parenthesis here and say that, in a foreign country, is always important to go out with the locals, not only meet them but to understand how they live and what they think about life and so on. PLEASE, understand that going to a bar is a process of socialization and not uncontrolled intake of alcohol.

Anyway, let’s get back. We were there, happy, on a Monday night, when I got to know this fact: the Germans sit in the toilet to urinate.

I just froze, reflected, laughed and could not believe. I took a deep breath and got mad. How would the Germans allow me to leave the country without knowing about that? IMMEDIATELY, I started to wonder why they do that. German guys ¿? ¿? sit ¿? ¿? on the toilet.

A year in Germany (2012) made me realize that everything has a reason, EVERYTHING. While in Brazil the Germans have a bad reputation because they do not take 59458743 million baths a day like us, they sit on the toilet in order to respect the other bathroom users. They know that sometimes the direction cannot be controlled, therefore they sit to make sure that the place will be always clean WOW :O

When I heard it I just noticed how silly I was. The whole year I was thinking that EVERY German in the country were kind to leave the lid down, when in fact, they were all using it in the same way. I used to see that the lid was always down and thought how that educated men were in this place hehehe … but that was not right. Well, not the aspect I thought it was : P

Now, the question: are they really polite for not letting the bathroom dirty? Or they are just too lazy to clean the toilet every day? The cover is down only because they use in the same way as women or even if they pee standing, they let the lid down? I think it is better not to ask hehe : D : D : D

After listening to the explanation and understanding why I have no prejudice. Actually, now I’m even thinking that it is a good idea. Well guys, if you prefer to keep urinating standing ok, just do what you want, as long you leave everything clean PLEASE : D

What I have to say is: the Germans will always be a mystery, and every day I discover and understand something about them. The only thing I am actually sure: I want to continue to discover them!

And to understand a bit more about the german world: Ten steps to wash the dishes in a German, economic and … (Hygienic?) way.

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  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Conheço alguns brasileiros que também clamam fazer assim, mas só em casa…espertinhos.

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