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Somehow I realized that I am already more than a month living in Germany: complaining all the time, eating a lot of potatoes, feeling that it is time to drink beer during the day, going to the bar by bicycle, drinking tap water, planning appointments in advance, using scarf and getting really happy to see something full of life like a flower or the SUUUUN : D

Yupi, I am already German 😀

Actually, I can not believe how my first month here has gone so fast. First, I couldn’t believe that I was in a cold country with cold people 😛 After, I was a paradox: I was finally here but, at the same time, I was missing home a LOT. Well, the good thing is that now I am just loving to be here.

During this past month, I made new friends, I met old friends and finally, I created a routine. I had time to “get used” to this country again : D WIN !!!

Even though I knew pretty well the German way of life, it was difficult to change the country again and express myself every day in another language especially for me because I’m a talkative person.

My friends, especially the ones from Brazil, know that I do not sleep much. I love to enjoy the day and never refuse an invitation … but at the beginning, I was all the time VERY VERY tired.

This exhaustion is a reflection of everything I ‘m learning. My body needs double time to replace the energies. The language is not the only change in my life: the weather, way to dress, culture, way to behave, how to wash dishes, to go shopping. A lot of small everyday rules plus learning the language makes me tired. Because of that, it took me time to start to have the urge to drink a beer. WHAAAT? In Germany it is kind of requirement to adapt: want to drink beer.

I started meeting a Tandem Partner (I’ll explain in another post) and found it super cool! I should have done that last time I was here. Last week I also attended an international conference from AIESEC in Poland. Even though it was difficult to change from a foreign language ( German) to another (English), I learned and enjoyed a lot. Last time I was in Germany (2012), I could quickly change from English to Spanish, from Portuguese into German and etc. .. TOOOP! I just need to get used to it again : D Everything is possible 😉

On sunny days all Germans and those who became “Germans” use to share pictures celebrating the summer. I took this photo on the River Elbe in Dresden on the first day of summertime : D

In order to have some interaction, I did the following list with some topics. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to me : D

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  1. adoro seus post mulher! Fica bem aí!

    1. eba! cotinue lendo

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