And let’s take the dust off this blog, show my perspective about this crazy country called Germany and this paradoxical way of life I have chosen. Yes, I did. I came back to Germany after a year in Brazil. Was it easy? Not in Brazil, not here. Return from an exchange is always hard, especially after my awesome experience. Back in Brazil I just established new goals, which were to graduate in journalism, have a semester of internship and keep studying German during this time.

Since February 26 I’m in Germany after saving some money, convincing many people that I was able to return and days planning to come back. The return was not easy, most of the people I met before do not live nearby and even though I know Germany, this place is still a foreign country. In April I will write the TestDaF, proficiency Test for German language and want to reach the level C1 :O And I NEEED to get this! After that, I’ll apply for a master here, because only studying I’ll be able to achieve a good level of German. Btw, this is MY DREAM.

If you’ve read my blog or know me, you probably have heard me speaking only good things about Germany and could notice my shining eyes while I was talking about life here. I always try to see the good side of things because living in Germany is not and has never been easy. The small things that I love are the same that sometimes destroy me, like the methodical and accurate way. (I wrote about accuracy in love and money too. )

Periodically now, I’ll write how to understand, and if I can use the word, bear this culture. Despite the difficulties and possible communication problems, I love living here, go out at night alone, (because it is saved when we compare it to Brazil) riding a bicycle at any time and being happy with a beer (since here it does not taste water like in Brazil) : P

Enjoy reading about my experiences and discover why Germany is like this.

To illustrate this more spontaneous post, I chose a picture I took when miraculously there was no wind and the sun was shining. I was riding my bike, something I love, along the Elbe River in Dresden. This time I took pictures with the phone, but the next I will take pictures of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Dresden is known for having the ‘Terrace of Europe’ for its amazing landscape. < 3

* Since some people also want to know the news I wrote shortly some updates.

I’m in Germany for 20 days now. Went to a Brazilian Carnival Party alone in Dresden, got to know some people and went also to Magdeburg 🙂 I was at Addidas and Puma factory in Bavaria. Went to a Museum of Nazism in Nuremberg and saw an exhibition about the control of periodicals made by Hitler. I went ice skating in the center of Dresden with a crazy Brazilian. I celebrated my birthday with Germans and Brazilian friends, celebrated Ester birthday (who met at the Carnival ) and played snooker Brazil vs Argentina with some friends I met the last time I lived here so : P The best part was buying the whole supermarket on Friday and spend a lot of money on food .. but it was worth it : D

To know how it was late on: Already a month in Germany

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