Love in German is not as simple as love in Portuguese, Italian or English. Amor, Amore, love, Liebe can have the same meaning when we translated them literally. Liebe is a natural feeling and a stronger affection that we feel for another person. Amor has multiple meanings. In Portuguese can be affection, compassion, attraction, appetite, passion, wishing well, satisfaction, achievement, desire. You have to be very careful before using the word Liebe.

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I learned that the German language and the Germans are very, very carefully on their way to express themselves. This accuracy helps the communication, it is not as common to have something with two meanings, except when they want it. In Portuguese, it is normal to say that we love someone, a friend, family or even love, our partner. We love the sun, love swimming, love food or love to travel … and there are those people who call everyone amor and not really feels something so strong, only use the word in a loving way.

In Germany, it is difficult to hear someone saying I love you (Ich liebe dich). This phrase even between couples still means a lot. If you hear Ich liebe dich  tell me how it was (hehehe) And … congratulations, you seduced him or her 😛 is clear that for every rule there is an exception …

When someone is very close, all they can say is: Ich habe dich lieb or Ich habe dich gerne, which literally translated would be, I have you with love and I got you with pleasure. Those expressions are also not so common. Yes, the Germans don’t express their feelings in public and not for everyone. We must stay for a long period with them and be close to having the freedom to say something or hear it.

Oh, these Germans… (?) But you know, I understand their side. I don’t say that I like or do not like, just understand … All they need to say, really make sense. The word Liebe must only be used with someone really special.

Wow, love in German is not so simple 😀

5444916334_924831012e_zThe most important thing I learned in Germany was to give value to these small details. Recognition is not something normal and phrases like: you are beautiful today,  you did a nice job and I love your company, are not as common to hear as in Brazil. * – * When you get a compliment, a demonstration of affection directed to you … will see how it will be a very special moment and you will never forget.

After 3 months of work, just got used to not receiving compliments. If my job was being fulfilled, there was no need for compliments. Compliments are given when we do something exceptional, beyond expectations. One day, I received an SMS thanking, praising me and I think it was one of the happiest moments I lived in Germany 😀

It is for these and others I fell in love with the German language, the words bring a very strong symbolism, a story, a custom, a value and we must be very careful using each one of them.

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