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German Culture in english Jena, Thüringen

Beyond 2 cents

Once, I went to the supermarket and brought only a few bucks because I wanted to buy a few things to prepare a salad. As usual, the bill did not come out very expensive, but it wasn’t enough.  It was missing 2 cents. Yes, I had 2 cents less. Leia em português Before paying, I …

German Culture in english

Love is not so simple

Love in German is not as simple as love in Portuguese, Italian or English. Amor, Amore, love, Liebe can have the same meaning when we translated them literally. Liebe is a natural feeling and a stronger affection that we feel for another person. Amor has multiple meanings. In Portuguese can be affection, compassion, attraction, appetite, passion, wishing …

German Culture português

Amar não é tão simples

Amar em alemão não é tão simples como amar em português, italiano ou em inglês. Amor, amore, love, liebe podem ter o mesmo significado quando traduzidos de forma literal. Liebe é sentimento mais singular e o afeto mais forte que um a pessoa é capaz de sentir por outra. O amor tem múltiplos significados na língua portuguesa, podendo significar afeição, compaixão, …